Wildgame Innovations’ New Dominant Buck Squirt

2274844Dallas, TX – Aerosols and drippers are critical delivery systems for many forms of deer scent attractants, but have limited applications. Drippers deliver the goods slowly, but are limited to a single location. Aerosols can broadcast scent quickly and over relatively large areas by becoming airborne, but are subject to wind currents and can be tricky to focus and contain.

Both of these traditional conveyance systems are ideal at times, but when it comes to dispensing good, old-fashioned deer urine, the simple, “a splash here and a stream there” methodology is often preferred, if not ideal.

Deer hunters looking to create or freshen-up multiple scrapes – or simply have the ability to use 100% buck urine when and where needed – will appreciate Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Squirt, 3 ounces of fresh, 100% buck urine contained in a practical, portable, precise, easy-to-squirt container.

Wildgame Innovations’ Dominant Buck Squirt is multi-hunt-ready, employing an easy-to-use valve to spray a focused stream of pure product up to 6 feet. The patented, one-way valve design is spill-proof to avoid messy mishaps and keep contents fresh to the last drop.

Dominant Buck Squirt is ideal for use as a cover scent, laying a scent trail with a drag, as a scrape generator or freshener, or anywhere the attracting power of 100% buck urine is needed. Additionally, like its companion products – the Dominant Buck Bomb and Dominant Buck Dripper – the contents of Wildgame Innovations’ Dominant Buck Squirt are UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote. Instead of solely appealing to a deer’s nose, the Dominant Buck Squirt’s contents emit an ultraviolet 360-degree visual queue deer can see day or night. Exhaustive field testing has shown that food plots, bait stations, mineral licks and other attractant sites are 180 times more likely to be discovered by animals when treated with Glo-Cote. Additionally, these treated sites are typically discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to untreated sites and products.
Mfg. Item # FG-00420
UPC 8-50695-00420-9
Contains 100% buck urine
Glo-Cote creates visual attraction
Not dependent upon wind direction
Patented one way valve design keeps urine fresh to the last drop
Easy to use squirt valve sprays up to 6 ft.
No spill design is as convenient as it is effective
3 ounce- multi-hunt-ready bag provides more value than competing products
Effective as an attractant, cover scent, scrape activator or scrape generator
MSRP: $14.99

Don’t ask your aerosol or dripper products to do things they simply weren’t designed for. Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Squirt delivers practical, portable and precise performance, placing the right amount of Glo-Cote-enhanced 100% buck urine exactly where you want it, when you want it, every time.


WGI Innovations, Ltd. is the distinct leader in the game-scouting camera, feeder and outdoor electronics market. Wildgame Innovations strives to provide big game hunters and game management professionals with the latest and greatest in outdoor innovation. Our lines of feeds, seeds, and attractants are specially formulated to keep your herd healthy, active and growing year after year.

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