Whitetail Ammo


Maximize your odds of success by using the best whitetail arrow/broadhead combos.

Easton 6mm FMJ & NAP Spitfire Edge 

Whitetail Ammo

Easton’s 6mm FMJs are great for quiet, effective shots. They feature Easton’s signature carbon core with a 7075 alloy metal jacket, a straightness tolerance of +/- .003, and pre-installed H nocks. Pair them with some reliable NAP Spitfire Edge broadheads, which have Hardened Trophy Tips and micro-grooved Slimline ferrules, and you have combo with bone shattering penetration. Learn more at eastonhunting.com and newarchery.com.

Easton 6mm Da’Torch & Muzzy Trocar HB

Whitetail Ammo

For a lighter, faster option, consider pairing an Easton 6mm Da’Torch with a Muzzy Trocar HB. These high velocity carbon shafts, which have a straightness tolerance of +/- .001, are perfect for delivering a mechanical broadhead with pinpoint accuracy. The Muzzy Trocar HBs add to that accuracy with their aerodynamic design, and they deliver a devastating wound channel with a 1-inch fixed-blade cutting diameter and 1 5/8 inch expandable cutting diameter. Learn more at eastonhunting.com and muzzy.com.

Beman ICS White Out & Wac’Em Expandable

Whitetail Ammo

Equipping Beman ICS White Out arrows with Wac’Em Expandables provides hunters with a middle-of-the-road combo in terms of balance, speed and weight. Beman ICS White Outs have a straightness tolerance of +/- .003, and feature greyed-out Realtree camo for high visibility and easy blood-trailing. Wac’Em Expandables fly with field-point accuracy, and make blood-trailing even easier with their 2-inch cutting diameter. Learn more at beman.com and wacemarchery.com.

Bloodsport Evidence & Gravedigger Chisel Tip Mechanical Broadheads

Whitetail Ammo

The Evidence features Bloodsport’s proprietary Rugged Wrap construction, which provides exceptional durability and long-range accuracy. These heavier shafts provide excellent shot-silence, and they come with Blood Ring technology so hunters know which organs they hit. Gravedigger Chisel Tip Mechanical Broadheads make this a reliable combo by delivering a 1-inch fixed-blade and two 1 ¾ inch cross-opening mechanical blades, which are held in place by the patented Blade-Retention system for superb accuracy. Learn more at bloodsportarchery.com.

Black Eagle Spartan & Rage Hypodermic 

Whitetail Ammo

The Black Eagle Spartan falls into the speed category with its light weight and small diameter. They also have a steel insert, which brings some extra weight to the front of the shaft for top-notch accuracy and penetration. Rage Hypodermics have a compact, aerodynamic design and wide 2-inch cutting diameter, adding wide-cutting reliability and further increasing the accuracy of this combo. Learn more at blackeaglearrows.com and ragebroadheads.com.

Carbon Express Maxima RED & Slick Trick Magnum

Whitetail Ammo

This combo is a very forgiving, easy to tune option. Carbon Express Maxima REDS feature Dynamic Spine Control and RED ZONE technology to control arrow flex, allowing broadheads to reach their maximum potential. Pair them with some Slick Trick Magnums, which have 2 ¼ inches of total cutting potential and a bone shattering tip, and you have a combo that can reliably bring down the biggest bucks and leave easy-to-follow blood-trails. Learn more at carbonexpressarrows.com and slicktrick.net.


Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce & G5 Havoc 

Whitetail Ammo

This combo is great for bowhunters with setups on the lower end of the energy spectrum. Gold Tip’s Kinetic Pierce arrows fly with blistering speed and have a reduced diameter to resist wind drift for field-point accuracy. G5 Havocs also suit a low energy setup with 2-inches of cutting diameter and a cut-on-contact tip. Learn more at goldtip.com and g5outdoors.com.

Victory VAP Low Torque TKO & QAD Exodus 

Whitetail Ammo

This is another excellent middle-ground, reliable combo in terms of weight and speed. The Victory VAP Low Torque TKO provides excellent kinetic energy and features MaxxKe Technology to prevent accuracy-robbing arrow twisting. The Exodus from QAD is an all-around reliable broadhead, featuring a bone-shattering tip, durable and razor sharp blades, and field-point accuracy. Learn more at victoryarchery.com and qadinc.com.

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