True-Flying Arrows of 2015


With improved tolerances and more precise components, 2015’s bowhunting season is rife with accurate and dependable arrows for all hunting situations!

By Bowhunt America Staff

Easton has developed industry-leading arrows and archery equipment for more than 90 years. Its latest creation, the Deep Six XD, expands Easton’s line of deep-penetrating micro-diameter arrows. This arrow uses an innovative, easy-to-install stainless-steel Deep Six RPS insert that’s 65 percent stronger than conventional aluminum inserts. In addition, a low profile and concentrated mass made from high-strength carbon-composite fibers allows the shaft to carry more energy to the target, assuring pass-through performance on game. For more information visit



Gold Tip’s 2015 arrow lineup bursts with color and technology, and the Kinetic Kaos certainly stands out. It features a new GTO Nock and Bushing combination for precise alignment and increased accuracy. It also features a new Ballistic Collar strengthening shaft/insert/broadhead mating for improved consistency. Available in five spines—500, 400, 340, 300 and 200—the Kinetic Kaos boasts tight tolerances, including straightness tolerances of +/- .0025 inches. The Kinetic Kaos’ snazzy logo grabs eyes and its strength and consistency meet hardcore bowhunting needs. For more information visit



You’ll make a statement without sacrificing speed or accuracy with the Carbon Express Maxima PNK RZ Mathews Edition. This stellar arrow features pink accents matching the 2015 Mathews Chill SDX PNK bow graphics package. Don’t let the cool graphics fool you though. It combines the same industry-leading speed and precision of the Maxima Blue Streak with the breakthrough broadhead accuracy of the highly-popular Maxima RED. The result is a lightweight hunting arrow delivering broadheads with precision. Also, check out CX’s Maxima BLU RZ. For more information visit




PSE’s Carbon Force Radial X-Weave Pro arrows come in 100, 200, and 300 spines. Each shaft boasts +/- .001-inch straightness tolerances ensuring precision flight. X-Weave Pro arrows also feature a smooth QuietCoat finish making removal from foam targets easier and reducing arrow-rest noise during the draw cycle. PSE’s patented computer process wraps individual carbon fibers to create a cross-weave pattern making the shafts stronger, straighter and more eye-appealing. PSE’s Carbon Force line includes enough arrow varieties to satisfy everyone. For more information visit



From tournaments to hardcore bowhunts to recreational shooting, arrows must perform flawlessly. Victory Archery’s RIP204 all-carbon arrows have a smaller diameter than standard carbon shafts, decreasing wind resistance for faster speeds and deeper penetration. The Elite RIP204 comes with +/- .001-inch straightness tolerances. Coupling the RIP with optional AP inserts and new aluminum alloy “R” nocks delivers impeccable performance for every hunt or tournament. For more information visit



The Lumen Arrow from the Burt Coyote Company is a 100 percent carbon arrow that’s available raw, or fletched with Bohning Blazer vanes. Lumen Arrows are available in 300, 350, 400 and 500 spines, fletchings spine-aligned for optimal flight. Of course, Lumen Arrows come with your choice of pink, green or orange Lumenoks. Fletched three- and six-packs are available, or an unfletched six-pack so shooters can fletch the shafts to their preference. For more information visit



Beman delivers field-ready convenience via White Box carbon arrows. Fletched and cut to 29 inches, White Box arrows are compatible with most bow setups so you can start shooting without cutting or installing inserts. This grab-and-go pack is excellent for newer archers, or for back-country bowhunters who want inexpensive backup arrows should their primary ones become lost, stolen or broken. For more information visit



Black Eagle Arrows designs its Renegade shaft with small diameter to decrease crosswind drift and offer superior long-range accuracy. Renegade shafts are incredibly strong, proving big things can come in small packages. Exciting graphics give the shaft stunning appeal and visibility. The Renegade makes an excellent 3-D or hunting arrow, with a 2-grain weight tolerance and +/- .006-inch straightness. In addition, Black Eagle Arrows’ full lineup covers all bowhunting and target-archery needs. For more information visit



SLASH INsetBlade arrows deliver 275 percent larger wound channels compared to conventional arrow/broadhead combinations. The SLASH shaft system conceals two expandable blades that open inside the animal to deliver 5 inches of devastation, in addition to the leading broadhead. SLASH INsetBlade arrows feature 300 spine, +/- .005-inch straightness and finished weight of 460 grains including the broadhead. For more information visit



BloodSport Pro Series Impact Hunter arrows deliver such tight tolerances BloodSport’s engineering team was forced to design new procedures for testing them. All are hand-sorted and graded so you receive the ultimate projectile. The Pro Series also includes the FPS Hunter and Pro Hunter Bolt. Each model features a white Blood Ring, improving feedback after a hit on game to help you determine the correct course of action. In short, Pro Series shafts and bolts are designed for bowhunters by bowhunters. For more information visit



Penetrator arrows from Hard Impact Technologies live up to their name. They change the meaning of deep driving, increasing penetration with patented, internal Weight Transferring Technology. Located in the arrow’s front end, this system engages when you point the arrow upward before loading it onto the bowstring. The Penetrator’s piston system remains engaged until impact to improve stability and accuracy. For more information visit



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