September is Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month

content-logo-290x290ROANOKE, Va. (June 30, 2016) — In its June board conference meeting, the Tree Stand Safety Awareness (TSSA) Board of Directors designated September as “TSSA Month.” This is a change from the previous two years where August was the month of the campaign. According to Executive Director Glen Mayhew, the decision was driven by social media. “Social media is now how many people consume information,” says Mayhew. “After looking at two years of data, it became obvious hunting becomes a more viral topic during the month of September. We felt the September volumes would put the wind in our sails, and ultimately serve us much better getting the message out about Tree Stand Safety.
The mission of TSSA is to significantly reduce tree stand incidents through promotion, education, and best practices. September is the month that most hunters start heading back to the woods to cut trails and hang stands in preparation for upcoming hunting season making it an opportune time to raise tree stand safety awareness. TSSA is looking to get hunters to start the season by putting safety first.

Falls from tree stands are annually the #1 cause of death and serious injury to deer hunters and involve all types of stands. Virtually 100% of these incidents are preventable by implementing three simple measures: First, inspect your equipment. Second, wear a full-body harness and third, stay connected from the time your feet leave the ground. It really is that simple.

Please help keep everyone safe this hunting season. Hunters and members of the industry alike can help spread the message of TSSA. Visit the TSSA website at or on social media at or .

TSSA encourages all hunters to take treestand safety seriously, every time you hunt from, hang, or move a tree stand.

TSSA is a grassroots organization of hunting industry leaders with a sole focus on significantly reducing tree stand incidents.

For more info on TSSA, contact Glen Mayhew, DHSc., at; 540-526-5157 or Jay Everett at; 256-773-7732.

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