PSE Evolve Cam System NEW for 2017

PSE Evolve Cam System

PSE Archery has announced the “ultimate evolution” in compound bow cams, the Evolve® Cam System (ECS). This all-new quad-track cam system is the product of years of PSE research, and offers shooters up to 90% let-off without sacrificing speed or power. The ECS is premiering on four bows in the PSE 2017 Pro Series compound bow line; the Carbon Air® 34 ECS, Carbon Air® 32 ECS, Evolve®, and Evolve® 35.
“There has never been another cam system quite like this one,” stated Blake Shelby, VP of Sales and Marketing for PSE. “In the age of comfort bows, we asked ourselves what we could do to apply PSE engineering and our X-Force platform to a high let-off bow. Could we make the ultimate comfort bow and still make it as powerful and as fast as shooters expect from PSE? The answer is yes.”

PSE Evolve Cam System
PSE’s Evolve® Cam System features rotating cam modules designed for maximum ease of adjustment with let-off options up to 90% and all the way down to 65% with the optional low let-off module. Even more impressively, PSE accomplishes this without the need of a bow press and all while achieving high speeds of up to 346 fps at 90% let-off. According to PSE, the ECS eases the shooter smoothly from peak weight into a deep valley before relaxing in a deep pocket and hard back wall.

PSE Evolve Cam System

The 2017 Evolve® and Evolve®35 promise to provide the perfect match of comfort, speed, stability, and accuracy, with the bows featuring not only the new ECS but also PSE’s Wide-Track Limb System and WedgeLock™ Speed Pocket. They bows also feature built-in rise stabilization ports and PSE’s new RollerGlyde™ cable guard for the smoothest shot possible.
In addition, PSE’s revolutionary Carbon Air® has been given the Evolve®Cam System upgrade, with the Carbon Air® 32 ECS, and longer axle-to-axle Carbon Air® 34 also sporting the new cam system. So now the lightest bow on the market is also the most comfortable to shoot.

Archery dealers across the country have already received their first shipments of Evolve® and Carbon Air® ECS bows and are available for consumers to shoot today. According to PSE, we are all in for an unbelievable shooting experience

PSE Evolve Cam System

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