NEW 2015 – Mission Unveils Four New Bow Offerings—The Hype DT, Hype, Craze II & Menace II


Through non-stop innovation, Mathews continues to advance its value-driven Mission bow line that simply put, outperform their price. NEW for 2015, Mission unveils four new bow offerings—the Hype DT, Hype, Craze II & Menace II. Featuring the F.I.T Cam (Focused Inertia Technology), the Hype DT & Hype further enhance performance and offer an exceptional value,starting at just $359.

The Craze II & Menace II unveil a new ergonomic grip and enhanced riser design, adding strength and stability while reducing overall mass weight. The hyper adjustability of the Craze II & Menace II encourages kids to #GrowOn, meaning that although kids may outgrow everything else, they won’t outgrow this!

Proudly Made in America, all Mission bows offer a Lifetime Warranty and are available through Authorized Mission Retailers.

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