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In bowhunting, equipment selection is everything and as ethical bowhunters who hedge the difference between life and death, we’re required to select the very best option to deliver quick, clean and ethical kills. It’s more than an emotional decision – it’s a matter of fact. And the fact is – Built on a foundation of Four Guiding Principles; Solid Legend Series broadheads deliver the best option to achieve consistent success in the field.
Solid’s Four Guiding Principles of: Devastation on Delivery, Laser-Like Accuracy, Beyond Razor Sharp and Durable Designs and Superior Materials synergize a lethal combination that’s everything you expect from a premium-quality broadhead.

DEVASTATION ON DELIVERY: Solid Broadheads don’t just cut, they devastate! By combining centuries of proven cutting technology with the best in high-tech engineering the result is extreme broadhead performance. Damage begins with a cut-on-contact edge-leading tip on a curved, Samurai-style main blade that slices wide and deep thanks to 20-degree blade angles and penetrator-style design. When combined with special purpose auxiliary bleeder blades, available in either 1Ž2 or 3Ž4-inch, theses blades destroy anything they contact and lead to extreme bloodletting to swiftly take down big game.

LASER-LIKE ACCURACY: If you can’t hit it, you can’t kill it; it’s that simple. Arrow flight is the linchpin of a broadhead system and broadhead flight is about 2 things: aerodynamics and concentricity (spin). Solid Broadheads deliver the best of both. They are designed to an exacting coefficient of accuracy due to a zero tapered ferrule, vented blade design and aerodynamic blade shape. Testing ensures adherence to strict aerodynamic principles, while each ferrule is turned to watch-quality tolerances. Each and every head is hand assembled and 100% spin tested to ensure the perfect alignment to deliver consistent pin-point flight and field point accuracy like you’ve never experienced from any other fixed-blade broadhead on the market.

BEYOND RAZOR SHARP: The single, most important attribute of a broadhead blade is sharpness (and its ability to stay sharp). Solid Legend Series broadhead blades are made from premium S30V knife-grade steel, known for its Particle Metallurgy process that creates a very refined grain microstructure with evenly dispersed Carbides that allow this top-quality steel to take a very fine and extremely consistent edge. Unlike other heads that dull quickly or lose edge quality when exposed to the elements, Solid edges are retained longer and with greater cutting ability. Each Legend Series broadhead is tested for sharpness on laboratory equipment and given, a leather stropping, to make ensure users are shooting the sharpest blades available.

DURABLE DESIGNS AND SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Solid’s unique Lockdown design coupled with their premium materials ensure unmatched broadhead durability. By using only the finest steels for the ferrules and blades these broadheads take an edge and keep it. Unlike cheap steels that dull from going in and out of a quiver all season, Solids start and finish the season with a razor’s edge. Some companies use aluminum ferrules that fold on impact, Solid uses only high-quality, impact-tested steel and offer broadheads that are 100% guaranteed!

Each Solid Broadhead is guaranteed for life. If the broadhead ever fails in a hunting situation Solid Broadheads will replace it – no questions asked. The quality, craftsmanship and materials used are second-to-none, and Solid Broadheads stands behind their products every step of the way! Whether you’re chasing a once-in-a-lifetime sheep into thin air or in pursuit of whitetail in a local woodlot you can rest assured Solid Broadheads will perform like nothing you’ve ever shot before.

Forget one-time-use broadheads with lesser materials, movable parts and meager cutting diameters – all designed to make a sacrifice somewhere. Solid Broadheads live up to their name, get the job done and out perform their price tag time-after-time. Available in 100, 125 and 175-grain weights with either 1Ž2 or 3Ž4-inch bleeder blades Solid Legend Series broadheads offer an option for every type of hunt. These ultra-premium, hunt-ready broadheads are available in both standard 8-32 and Easton® Deep 6 thread configurations for an MSRP of $99.99 per 3-pack.

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Solid Broadheads is part of The Outdoor Group family of brands. Established in 2012 and headquartered in West Henrietta, New York, The Outdoor Group is parent company to the premier brands of ELITE Archery, Duel Game Calls, CAMX Crossbows, Scott Archery, Custom Bow Equipment, Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings, Lynch Mob Calls, Slick Trick Broadheads and Solid Broadheads.

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