Hoyt Pro Defiant Bow Review – Patrick Meitin

Watch as Patrick Meitin describes the new Hoyt Pro Defiant in a comprehensive compound bow review. Some familiar features of this bow remain, such as the DFX Cam and ½ system and UltraFlex Limbs. Other features include multilayer lamination construction and Parallel Split Limb technologies. DFX Cams allow this compound to adjust 2 inches of draw length within a single cam set, add 3.45 inches to the overall bow length at full draw, and allow the peep to sit closer to the eye for better head positioning and more accurate aiming. The DFX-Ultra-Flex combination has gained a solid reputation with serious shooters for maximizing effective string angle, optimizing peep positioning, and providing more comfortable and consistent anchoring- and shooting-form dynamics.

Hoyt Pro Defiant has PerfectBalance Stabilization System and Offset Riser Technology that ensure it is one of the quietest, most well-balanced bows on the market. Short bows tend to be top- or front-heavy, but Hoyt has perfected the art of balancing a bow. Even with added accessories, it is very difficult to throw the bow off balance. This compound allows for a cleaner shot without having to worry about the shooters torque or hold it steady. Along with superior balance, the silence of this compound is profound and consistent, even without all of the extraneous silencer equipment. Uniform Stress Distribution Limbs, DFX Cam system, the StealthShot string stop, and the Zero Torque Cable Guard System allow the Hoyt Pro Defiant to eliminate any possible noise or vibration, thus creating a stealthy shot. Hoyt also included the Limb Shox five-fin silencer and Shock Rod Technology in the In-Line Roller Cable Guard for improved noise control. Finally, Hoyt’s ingenious introduction of Silent Shelf Technology prevents errant and all-too-common arrow clicks on the riser shelf.

On the range, 60 arrows were shot without one foot-per-second in speed variation within a single-arrow set. This translates into an accurate shot with a professional compound bow. Hoyt’s Pro Defiant compound bow is deadly silent, plenty fast for speed freaks, and as accurate as your abilities allow. As Hoyt puts it, “The Pro Defiant is purpose-built for the most serious, demanding bowhunters on the planet.”

To learn more visit http://www.insidearchery.com and http://www.hoyt.com.

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