Bloodsport Archery Teams Up with Whitetail Freaks and CRUSH

2313926.pngBloodsport Archery, makers of the highest quality hunting arrows on the market, announced today that they are teaming up with two exciting shows: CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany, and Don & Kandi Kisky’s Whitetail Freaks.

Both partnerships are a natural merging of similar commitments: Bloodsport’s total commitment to providing hunters with the best arrow materials and technology available pairs perfectly with Lee & Tiffany’s commitment to ethical whitetail hunting, and the sharing of successful hunting strategies through Don & Kandi’s Whitetail Freaks video series.
Bloodsport knows that in the sport of archery hunting, success requires hard work, dedication and relentless planning. At the moment of truth, it all comes down to the performance of the arrow you shoot.

That’s why Bloodsport arrows are designed and built to ensure that every shot is dependable and lethal. Their motto – The Bleeding Edge of Archery – is more than a saying; it’s what they practice every day.

That relentlessness mirrors Lee & Tiffany’s year-round dedication as they manage, scout and hunt exceptional trophy bucks on CRUSH. Similarly, Don & Kandi’s Whitetail Freaks follows a group of persistent and dedicated whitetail hunters as they search tirelessly for trophies. Both shows demand the best from themselves and from their equipment. And they’ve chosen the best arrow shafts to take afield: Bloodsport.

For more information on CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany visit: For more information on Don & Kandi Kisky’s Whitetail Freaks program, go to:

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