Beman ICS White Out Arrow Offers Added Visibility

2301727The Beman WHITE OUT boasts the next evolution of graphics on a hunting arrow. Offering more visibility, the White OUT is designed with grayed out Realtree camo for high visibility and to make blood easier to recognize on the arrow.Beman arrows are used by pros and sportsmen alike for their perfect balance of speed, durability, consistency, strength and value.
Made in the USA.

Straightness: +/-.003
Direct-fit S Nock – installed
CB Inserts – included

Arrow Size: 300 340 400 500
Weight (GRAINS/INCH): 9.6 8.8 8.1 7.5
RPS Point (INCH): 9/32 9/32 9/32 9/32

Contact: Dodd Clifton (800) 992-9968 :

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