No Matter the Game, the ELITE IMPULSE 34 Excels

Elite-Impulse34-ninja-copy_F-358x1024“For several years we have been challenged to build a faster bow that still maintained the smooth-drawing stability and shootability archers expect from ELITE,” said Eric Griggs, ELITE Archery president. “We took all the positive things from our best bows and merged them into the 2016 Impulse 34. The addition of a stiffer riser and a new pocket system, combined with our new cams generate speed, stability, accuracy and shootability into one great-looking package that’s

perfectly designed for anyone looking to up their archery game.”

The Impulse 34 features the proven benefits of ELITE’s exclusive Riser Cage™ design that not only reduces torque at full draw but also results in a riser that’s up to 30-percent stiffer than comparable riser concepts. Continue reading

#BullseyeWednesday Answers 9/30-5/11

#BullseyeWednesday answers are here!

These answers come from expert bowhunter and editor, Patrick Meitin. Meitin is a respected member of the archery industry and an accomplished hunter, so his answers are a compilation of both knowledge and experience.

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Diamond Archery Launches Edge SB-1

Edge-SB-1-BlackDiamond Archery continues to bring cutting-edge innovation to its product line with the launch of the Edge SB-1, a versatile, highly-adjustable and blazing fast bow perfect for everyone regardless of age or skill level. The Edge SB-1 features synchronized binary cams for impeccable performance and the brand new EZ-Adjust System to make customization quick and simple.

Diamond Edge SB-1 

• Synchronized Binary Cams

• Draw Length Range: 15-30 Inches

• Draw Weights: 7-70 pounds

• IBO/ATA Speed: 318 fps

• MSRP: $449  Continue reading

Badlands Releases New Base Layer Technology


West Jordan, UT – Two never-before-seen technologies are hitting shelves in the form of new base layers from hunting gear innovator Badlands. Two years of intense research and testing of the effectiveness of base layers has led to the release of the Calor (Latin for heat) and Algus (Latin for “cool to the touch”) systems. Continue reading