Finding the Perfect Scent-Control Regiment


By Rachael Reginek-Krenz

What better way to hunt down or lure your prey than by deceiving your game’s sense of smell? We currently have the intelligence and technology to allow hunters to cover alarming scents and even lure trophy game straight to you. Most animals hunted have a sense of smell that is crucial to their survival; therefore it is very sensitive. If anything is altered in their environment that seems abnormal, instinct will spook the game away. There are many different approaches and products on the market that can make the difference in your future hunts.  Continue reading

Attract Dominant Bucks With New Dominant Buck Bomb

2290132Baton Rouge, LA (August 15, 2016) – Nothing raises the ire of a prime whitetail buck throughout the pre-rut period like the smell of another mature buck. He’s worked hard rubbing and scraping out his territory and has lofty plans to breed every doe in the neighborhood. Antlered intruders are not welcome.

His body chemistry has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, as has his gregarious outlook toward other males. Continue reading

New Wildgame Innovations Trophy Tape Scores Bucks Quickly

2278856Dallas, TX (June 15, 2016) – Hunters measure their success in different ways. For some, success is defined by making a lethal shot at a known range. For others, it’s measured by antler size. And sometimes, it comes from something as simple as helping friends, family or visiting hunters enjoy their hunts by getting to and from their hunting sites safely.

However you measure success, Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Trophy Tape can help. This high-utility, low-cost product deserves a spot in every hunter’s pack. Continue reading

Wildgame Innovations’ New Dominant Buck Squirt

2274844Dallas, TX – Aerosols and drippers are critical delivery systems for many forms of deer scent attractants, but have limited applications. Drippers deliver the goods slowly, but are limited to a single location. Aerosols can broadcast scent quickly and over relatively large areas by becoming airborne, but are subject to wind currents and can be tricky to focus and contain.

Both of these traditional conveyance systems are ideal at times, but when it comes to dispensing good, old-fashioned deer urine, the simple, “a splash here and a stream there” methodology is often preferred, if not ideal. Continue reading

Wildgame Innovations Cloak™ Camera Receives Upgrades

2264778Wildgame Innovations’ Popular Cloak™ Series Cameras Receive Key Upgrades For 2016

Dallas, TX (April 1, 2016) – Hunters and game managers need reliable, cost-effective cameras for monitoring game on their properties throughout the year. Released in 2015, Wildgame Innovations’ affordable CLOAK™ series cameras combined fast set-up times, intuitive operation, energy efficiency, and the performance features game managers want most in two remarkably affordable and reliable cameras. Continue reading