ScentBlocker Adds New ‘Under the Influence’ Flavors

2288706.pngCannon Falls, MN — January 2016 — ScentBlocker, a constant innovator of scent control and attractant products for hunters, announces the introduction of two additions to the Under the Influence product line: HUI and BUI – Hogs and Bear Under the Influence. The exciting DUI product that was introduced at the 2015 ATA Show has met with success both in the field and at retail, and has led to the extension of this product line.   Continue reading

ScentBlocker – The Beast Concealment Beyond the Ghillie

The BeastCannon Falls, MN — December 2015 — Cannon Falls, MN – Robinson Outdoor Products, the industry leader in hunting apparel unveils The Beast.

No matter if you’re after big game, turkey or predators, the lightweight Beast provides concealment far beyond a Ghillie suit. The Beast’s non-human profile, 3D leaves, multi-toned grasses and Trinity scent control technology combine to make the Beast the ultimate assault weapon.

Mitigating detection on all fronts begins by breaking up the human silhouette with the jacket’s hood design that starts at the shoulders and wraps over the head, changing the hunter’s usual profile. Continue reading

ScentBlocker’s New BugBlocker in Sportsmen’s Strength

bb1With Lyme disease, West Nile Virus and other insect-borne illnesses a major health concern in today’s world, ScentBlocker’s new BugBlocker insect repellents provide important protection from mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies, with two specially formulated Sportsmen’s Strength products.

Cannon Falls, MN — February, 2016 — ScentBlocker, the constant innovator of hunting products and scent control technology, brings two specially formulated insect repellents developed to provide long lasting, multi-species protection. Continue reading