#BullseyeWednesday Answers 5/13 – 9/9

You’ve been waiting patiently every Wednesday, so now we present to you the answers to #BullseyeWednesday!

These answers come from expert bowhunter and editor, Patrick Meitin. Meitin is a respected member of the archery industry and an accomplished hunter, so his answers are a compilation of both knowledge and experience.

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Hog Stalking 101

HogsTX-Meitin_WRby Trevor J. Ballard

They’ve been called poor-man’s grizzly, wild boars and razorbacks. Whatever the label, feral hogs are a great bowhunting challenge. Shooting hogs from stands is fun and rewarding, however, spot-and-stalk hunting brings a new dimension to the game. Hogs are inherently wary, with an uncanny knack for avoiding stalking predators, making worthy adversaries when pursued on the ground.  Continue reading

Bowhunt America Names Meitin Editor

Image 0011_F

ToughMiniTruFireT1Bowhunt America is proud name Patrick Meitin as its new editor. Meitin, a northern Idaho resident, has bowhunted throughout the West and most of the remaining United States. He has also bowhunted Alaska 18 times and most of Canada. In addition, his nine safaris to Africa took him to South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. He has also hunted Mexico, France, and eastern Russia.

Meitin began bowhunting at age 10, and took his first deer, a desert muley buck, at 14. Now, at age 50, Meitin has arrowed 19 of the 29 North American animals comprising the “Super Slam,” but finds his greatest joy bowhunting whitetails and elk in his Idaho “backyard.” Continue reading