Finding the Perfect Scent-Control Regiment


By Rachael Reginek-Krenz

What better way to hunt down or lure your prey than by deceiving your game’s sense of smell? We currently have the intelligence and technology to allow hunters to cover alarming scents and even lure trophy game straight to you. Most animals hunted have a sense of smell that is crucial to their survival; therefore it is very sensitive. If anything is altered in their environment that seems abnormal, instinct will spook the game away. There are many different approaches and products on the market that can make the difference in your future hunts.  Continue reading

Ozonics Re-Engineers Portable Carry Case

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Press Release from Lake Jackson, Texas:

OzonicsHRcase2-1-1030x946As one of the industry leaders in scent control, Ozonics treats the construction—and protection—of all its products with pride and precision.
Recognizing the need for an improved case with better organization and more robust protection, Ozonics developed the “Gen 2” carry case designed to fit all units. Features include oversized zipper pulls for ease-of-use with gloved hands and additional padding throughout for superior protection.

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