The Quest For Roosevelt Elk

The Quest For Roosevelt Elk

Roosevelt elk country is big, rugged and dense. Hunters eager to fill a tag will want to be in the best shape possible, both mentally and physically.

By Scott Haugen

Overlooking a timbered bench, the perfume of rutting elk hanging heavy on the moist air, I let out a call. A slight crosswind and commanding view through semi-open timber made for the perfect setup. When a seductive series of cow calls passed my lips, I had the feeling something good was about to happen. Continue reading

RMEF Grants Benefit 24,000 Acres of Arizona Elk Habitat


RMEF Arizona Grants

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RMEF logoThe Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation awarded $205,092 in grant funding to enhance wildlife habitat and bolster hunting heritage programs in the state of Arizona.

The grants will directly benefit 24,602 acres in Apache, Coconino, Greenlee, Maricopa, Navajo, Pima, Santa Cruz and Yuma Counties. There is one project of statewide benefit. Continue reading


Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

We all know a Mossy Oak pattern when we see it, and for good reason!

The folks at Mossy Oak spend precious hours in the field to design and test their patterns, so hunters can be sure the only time they’re seen is coming through the front door after a long and successful day outdoors.

2015’s Break-Up Country pattern does not disappoint. Inspired by a variety of elements found throughout North America and made to blend in and break-up your outline like never before, this detailed and versatile camo can be worn anytime, anywhere across the country! All elements are in the correct scale to nature’s size and combine the perfect amount of light and dark for great depth.

Break-Up Country is now available for your favorite clothes and accessories! For more information on Mossy Oak lifestyle, visit

BU Country52 Continue reading

Public-Land Elk Hunting is All About Experience

Elk country offers breathtaking views. I love it!

Elk country offers breathtaking views. I love it!

The mountainous landscape was being showered with dawn’s first rays of sunlight when I finally reached my destination. The near-vertical ascent through the inky, predawn blackness had been treacherous, and reaching the top was a reward in itself. I launched a bugle across the canyon beneath my position, hoping a bull would answer. Instantaneously, a guttural bugle roared back at me from roughly 150 yards distant. Perfect. Now, I simply needed to assume the downwind position, begin my calling sequence, and shoot the bull as he came to investigate the “invader”. That was the plan.

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