Pike County, Ill. Anticipating Great Fall Deer Season


Photo courtesy of Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures

With a mild summer and plenty of rain, the Fall 2016 deer season in Pike County, Illinois, is looking to be one of the best in recent years. Food plots are full and lush, leading to plenty of food for the deer herd. Does and fawns are healthy and bucks are growing impressive racks. Continue reading

Velvet Whitetail Bucks 101

Velvet Whitetail Bucks 101

According to Ladd, the key to success when attempting to tag a velvet whitetail buck is to deploy plenty of trail cameras before the season in order to pattern the buck you want.

By Tracy Breen

For any serious whitetail hunter, a behemoth whitetail is a bucket-list dream. But other bowhunters want more than just a high-scoring buck; they want an impressive white-tailed buck wearing velvet-covered antlers. Whitetails remain in velvet for a short time, and just a handful of states offer archery seasons early enough for the bowhunter to actually have a chance of tagging a buck while still in velvet. Continue reading