2017 Crossbows from Excalibur

2017 crossbows

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – Excalibur’s Micro Suppressor, the brand’s 2017 flagship crossbow, is a revolution in size and sound. The crossbow is deadly quiet, the most compact Micro crossbow ever designed by the company, and still capable of firing bolts at speeds up to 355 fps. Continue reading

Barnett Vengeance 2: Different Can Be Better

BarnettRemember when crossbows were front-heavy, hard to draw and as loud as your mother in law? Wait … most of them still are. But not the Vengeance 2! This amazing new crossbow from Barnett is redefining how crossbows look, feel and, most important, how they shoot. Continue reading

Crossbows Welcome

Crossbows WelcomeBy Chuck Roberts

Once outcast and scorned, crossbows have found their way into mainstream archery seasons.

Physical dams are designed to hold back water. For decades, a theoretical dam of ignorance and prejudice held back the flow of crossbows into the hands of fit, healthy hunters.
There was a small spillway in states like Ohio and Arkansas, but much of the remainder of the country remained “safe” from the evils of horizontal archery tackle. Continue reading

Introducing The Browning TPS Crossbow Travel Case

2287124To protect the new line of ZeroSeven Browning Crossbows or most other crossbows on the market, Browning Crossbows has introduced the Browning TPS (Total Protection System) Crossbow Travel Case. The case will be sold separately or is included with a purchase of the OneSixTwo Browning Crossbow. Continue reading

Bowhunting With Hounds: What You Need To Know!


Bowhunting With Hounds: What You Need To Know!

The author (left) has been on many hound hunts over the years, including this one more than a decade ago in the jungle-like habitat of Hawaii. When it comes to bowhunting around hounds, there are certain safety factors hunters will want to be aware of.

By Scott Haugen

It was late October, temperatures were cold and it had been pouring rain all day. Fortunately, my buddy, Kenny, had a motivated pack of hounds. The hounds trailed the bear we’d seen while driving on a remote logging road early in the morning, but the bear wouldn’t stop. Continue reading