Barnett Vengeance 2: Different Can Be Better

BarnettRemember when crossbows were front-heavy, hard to draw and as loud as your mother in law? Wait … most of them still are. But not the Vengeance 2! This amazing new crossbow from Barnett is redefining how crossbows look, feel and, most important, how they shoot. Continue reading

Crossbows Welcome

Crossbows WelcomeBy Chuck Roberts

Once outcast and scorned, crossbows have found their way into mainstream archery seasons.

Physical dams are designed to hold back water. For decades, a theoretical dam of ignorance and prejudice held back the flow of crossbows into the hands of fit, healthy hunters.
There was a small spillway in states like Ohio and Arkansas, but much of the remainder of the country remained “safe” from the evils of horizontal archery tackle. Continue reading

Hottest Crossbow Arrows


The crossbow movement continues to sweep the country. They’re legal for hunting in varying degrees in 49 states. More hunters are giving them a shot for fun and practical reasons, and their short arrows are a staple that crossbow hunters repeatedly buy. Crossbow arrows feature the same technology used in full-length arrows for compounds and recurves, which means incredible speeds, accuracy and spine/weight tolerances. High quality arrows are essential for safe and fun operation and also allow crossbows to perform at ideal levels of power and speed. Here’s a brief overview of some of the best crossbow arrows on the market. Continue reading

Barnett RAZR and RAZR ICE Crossbows



Somebody must have forgotten to tell the Barnett engineers that a crossbow is supposed to be heavy, bulky and uncomfortable to shoot. Barnett is breaking all those rules with its flagship RAZR and RAZR ICE crossbows. Never before has so much speed and accuracy been packaged in a crossbow that is a joy to shoot and take to the field. Continue reading