American-Made Arrows for the Purely American Sport of Bowhunting

2294751Beman is using their unique manufacturing position and taking their message to the bow hunting community through their 2016 “Made-in-USA” campaign. Beman unveiled their 2016 promotions around a simple idea—a great value product that’s made in USA. “Pure Hunting, Purely American” is the brand tagline starting this year.  Continue reading

Beman ICS Arrows

Beman ICS arrows

Beman ICS Precision Hunter arrow

Born and bred in America, Beman ICS PRECISION HUNTER is as red, white and blue as it gets. The ICS PRECISION HUNTER has the precision you demand to place the arrow in the exact spot it belongs.

  • • Straightness: +/- .001
  • • Direct-fit S Nock – installed
  • • CB Inserts – included
Arrow size 300 340 400 500
Weight (GRAINS/INCH) 9.5 9.3 8.4 7.3
RPS Point (INCH) 5/16 5/16 9/32 9/32

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