Finding the Perfect Scent-Control Regiment


By Rachael Reginek-Krenz

What better way to hunt down or lure your prey than by deceiving your game’s sense of smell? We currently have the intelligence and technology to allow hunters to cover alarming scents and even lure trophy game straight to you. Most animals hunted have a sense of smell that is crucial to their survival; therefore it is very sensitive. If anything is altered in their environment that seems abnormal, instinct will spook the game away. There are many different approaches and products on the market that can make the difference in your future hunts.  Continue reading

Crossbows Welcome

Crossbows WelcomeBy Chuck Roberts

Once outcast and scorned, crossbows have found their way into mainstream archery seasons.

Physical dams are designed to hold back water. For decades, a theoretical dam of ignorance and prejudice held back the flow of crossbows into the hands of fit, healthy hunters.
There was a small spillway in states like Ohio and Arkansas, but much of the remainder of the country remained “safe” from the evils of horizontal archery tackle. Continue reading

Dixie Deer

Dixie Deer

By Stephanie Mallory

The time has never been better to take a trophy buck in a Southern state.

Times are changing for the Southern deer hunter. As a general rule, hunters don’t take to change well, but these changes are putting a big smile across many Southern hunters’ faces. In short, Southern hunters are bagging bigger bucks than ever before. Continue reading

Accessorize Your Compound


Accessorize Your Compound

Archery and bowhunting have come a long way since the invention of the bow and arrow thousands of years ago. Fortunately, we are part of a century that has the technology allowing you to widen your archery horizons. Sifting through hundreds of archery products to find quality accessories can seem a bit overwhelming, but embracing innovation will allow you to improve your skills and learn a lot about today’s newest technology. Why stick with a bare compound when you could amp up your bow to improve accuracy and, if you want, add a little personality? The following products are great examples of some of the newest, high-tech products on the market, as far as accessories go. Continue reading

The Quest For Roosevelt Elk

The Quest For Roosevelt Elk

Roosevelt elk country is big, rugged and dense. Hunters eager to fill a tag will want to be in the best shape possible, both mentally and physically.

By Scott Haugen

Overlooking a timbered bench, the perfume of rutting elk hanging heavy on the moist air, I let out a call. A slight crosswind and commanding view through semi-open timber made for the perfect setup. When a seductive series of cow calls passed my lips, I had the feeling something good was about to happen. Continue reading