Sierra’s First Bear Hunt


By Sterling Scott

Over the years, the Scott Family has enjoyed many outdoor adventures.  I’ve written about some crazy fishing outings, hilarious duck hunting experiences, wild turkey hunting and amazing deer hunting situations involving huge wasp nests and squirrels in the box blind.  Our latest excursion took Sierra and me to Canada on a wonderful, exciting bear hunt. Continue reading

10 Tips for Calling Rut-Time Bucks

10 Tips

By Gary Sefton

Most deer-hunting seasons around the country coincide with at least some part of the whitetail rut, so in all likelihood you’ll have the opportunity to hunt during this peak-activity period. Using deer calls can be productive during this phase, if you keep in mind the fact that mating anticipation will be the prime motivating factor.  Bucks are looking for does! Check out these 10 tips for rut-time bucks. Continue reading

Montana Elk Adventures

Montana Elk

Montana has some excellent, very remote public lands that hold monster bull elk. Here, the author calls in an attempt to locate a bull in the central part of the state.

By Scott Haugen

The bull was closing fast, bugling and “glunking” the whole way down the shale mountainside. In a matter of seconds, I saw the bull’s massive antlers dipping and twisting through the thick stand of young pines. When he stopped and bugled at 16 yards, I stared at him for the first time. His massive rack was all of 340 inches. Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Scent-Control Regiment


By Rachael Reginek-Krenz

What better way to hunt down or lure your prey than by deceiving your game’s sense of smell? We currently have the intelligence and technology to allow hunters to cover alarming scents and even lure trophy game straight to you. Most animals hunted have a sense of smell that is crucial to their survival; therefore it is very sensitive. If anything is altered in their environment that seems abnormal, instinct will spook the game away. There are many different approaches and products on the market that can make the difference in your future hunts.  Continue reading