Bloodsport Archery Teams Up with Whitetail Freaks and CRUSH

2313926.pngBloodsport Archery, makers of the highest quality hunting arrows on the market, announced today that they are teaming up with two exciting shows: CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany, and Don & Kandi Kisky’s Whitetail Freaks.

Both partnerships are a natural merging of similar commitments: Bloodsport’s total commitment to providing hunters with the best arrow materials and technology available pairs perfectly with Lee & Tiffany’s commitment to ethical whitetail hunting, and the sharing of successful hunting strategies through Don & Kandi’s Whitetail Freaks video series. Continue reading

P&Y Announces Fall/Winter Conservation Raffle

2305830Chatfield, MN – This incredible combo hunt includes Canadian moose, woodland caribou, and black bear. With the highest moose population per square mile compared to anywhere in North America, and the only region where you can bowhunt trophy woodland caribou, this hunt will prove quite noteworthy. The black bears that roam this wilderness area are also known for their impressive size. Permits and licenses included. Transportation not included. Hunt is for the Fall 2017 season. This hunt adds up to an unforgettable, true hunt of a lifetime, valued at nearly $15,000. Continue reading

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Testing Deer for Disease

Testing DeerMonitoring program launched after bovine tuberculosis found in Indiana

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 31, 2016) — Kentucky is participating in a three-state effort to test white-tailed deer for the presence of bovine tuberculosis.

While bovine tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that primarily affects cattle, it also can infect deer. The disease has not been detected in Kentucky’s deer herd.  Continue reading