Broadhead Practice Boosts Confidence

I spent 10 years working for an archery pro shop that was owned by my family for 8 of those years. During that time, an alarming number of our customers admittedly lost game or made a less-than-ideal hit. The first question we asked was whether or not they practiced with their broadheads before heading afield. A resounding “no” was often the answer. And I suspect a good number of those who replied with a “yes” were being untruthful.

I have come to realize that with bowhunting, there are no absolutes. I don’t care how many times it says “Flies just like a field point!” on the packaging of your broadheads; you simply have to shoot them and see for yourself.

Now when I talk about the importance of practicing with broadheads, I am not merely talking about shooting one arrow at 15 yards. Broadhead practice involves so much more. I have had bows that shoot a great paper tear, but without a great deal of tuning and tinkering, they simply wouldn’t shoot broadheads consistently or accurately. I go to the measure of shooting every arrow and broadhead I plan to use while actually hunting, and I shoot each one at every distance I will shoot while hunting in 10-yard increments. Say my maximum bowhunting shot will be 40 yards; I will shoot each broadhead-tipped arrow at 20, 30, and 40 yards. If my broadheads shoot on the dime out to that range, I am happy. If not, I am not confident in going to the woods, and I won’t be until I have tuned my bow to shoot the broadheads the same as my field points or I adjust my sights for the broadheads. Once I am confident in the performance of each arrow and broadhead, I either change out the blades or sharpen them. Dull blades are taboo on blood trails.

A bowhunter should never be okay with compensating their aim in order for their broadheads to hit where they should. Bowhunting involves enough variables without adding more to the pot. Before you strike out on any bowhunts this fall, do yourself (and the animals you hunt) a favor by screwing in your broadheads and making sure they fly well at every yardage you plan to shoot at while bowhunting. Not only is it unfair to the animal to assume your broadheads shoot the same as your field points, but it is detrimental to your overall bowhunting confidence. Why wonder if your arrow will hit where you want it to when you can know that it will?



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Highlights of the Hunt




Blake Nelson • Alberta Black Bear

Bow: Mathews Creed XS                              Sight: Trophy Ridge Pursuit

Arrow: Easton da’Torch                                Rest: QAD Ultra-Res

Broadhead: Magnus Buzzcut                     Release: Scott Shark


Highlights of the Hunt


Jim Barbarossa South Africa Cape Eland

Bow: PSE Omen Max Pro                                     Sight: Spot-Hogg Hunter

Arrow: Carbon Express Maxima Red           Rest: QAD HDX

Broadhead: Rage Hypodermic                          Release: T.R.U. Ball


Robinson Outdoor Products: Over 35 Years of Perfecting Innovation

By Jason Herbert

Never completely satisfied, Robinson Outdoor Products, parent company to ScentBlocker, Scent Shield, Tree Spider, and Whitewater Strategic Hunting Apparel continues to focus on customer-driven innovation and creativity. Guided

scentblocker new logo by its corporate mission statement, Robinson has one simple goal: to help improve the hunter’s experience.

The original company, Robinson Laboratories, was founded in 1978 by Bill Robinson. Bill developed pet-deodorizing products at his home, saw a need, and soon became involved in the hunting industry. In 1985, with his invention of Scent Shield spray, Bill created an entirely new product category in the industry: scent elimination. Mr. Robinson was a revolutionary, building a company with a legacy of unconventional thinking; a company that prides itself on asking “Why not?” in addition to “Why?”

Fast forward to today: Robinson is continuing to push the envelope in the outdoor industry and leading the charge in customer-driven innovations. With legendary archer and outdoorsman Scott Shultz at the helm, the team’s mission hasn’t changed. The company has, however, expanded its influence in the industry, now specializing not only in scent control but also safety gear, outdoor apparel, and proper-fitting garments for the lady hunter as well.

Trinity Synthetic Scent Control

Just as conventional motor oil has been surpassed by synthetic oil, Robinson predicts that activated carbon will now take a backseat to synthetic Trinity technology. Specifically designed to adsorb human odor, Trinity technology is scent-control science that is over ten years in the making.

“Carbon was good,” Scott Shultz, president and CEO of Robinson Outdoor Products, said. “For many years it was all we had. Today, with the advent of ScentBlocker Trinity technology, the ability to adsorb and control human odor is far superior!”

Trinity 1.5 Shirt

To understand scent-control garments, one must first understand scent adsorption. Not to be confused with absorb, which means “to combine with,” adsorb means “to gather and cling to.” Porous scent-adsorbing particles form a low-energy attracting bond with renegade scent molecules, trapping them before they can be released into the air outside the human body. The adsorbing bond is not a complex one and can easily be broken by the heat generated in a conventional clothes dryer. That is why ScentBlocker recommends that its gear be air dried first on a clothesline and then re-generated in the dryer. Once the garments have been properly washed, air dried, and then tumbled in the dryer, they are re-charged and ready to suck up more odor.

The cornerstone for any effective scent-adsorbent material is a large, porous surface area. For years, activated carbon was the pinnacle of scent-adsorbing materials. A naturally occurring odor adsorbent with large surface area and porous surface, carbon worked well on a broad spectrum of odors. For the past ten years however, ScentBlocker has been determined to best Mother Nature by creating a synthetic material specifically designed to adsorb human odors. This ideal material would allow for a more flexible application, be more consistent than carbon, and not require a liner.

One unique quality of Trinity is its application process. ScentBlocker is proud to say the days where activated-carbon gear resembled the sweat suits that high school wrestlers used to rely on to drop weight are long gone. Through this new process, Trinity material can be applied in a layer equivalent to the thickness of a T-shirt. Because it’s so thin, Trinity will work with almost any garment, hat, glove, or facemask and still be light and breathable. This ultra-thin, scent-adsorbing layer is a first of its kind.

Mike Swan, director of marketing at Robinson Outdoor Products, is proud of the versatility that Trinity synthetic technology allows. “Now, powerful, lightweight scent-adsorbing gear is available for early-season deer hunters, Rocky Mountain elk addicts, and spot-and-stalk hunters everywhere,” he said.

SpiderWeb Safety Garments

ScentBlocker describes its new SpiderWeb as a marriage of safety, function, and scent control in one user-friendly garment. SpiderWeb is changing the way hunters think about safety. No longer will hunters have to deal with hiking over a mile in the pitch black to their most perfect treestand only to realize they forgot their safety harness. ScentBlocker’s SpiderWeb combines the comfort and safety of its Tree Spider safety harness with the functionality of a bib overall to make this a must-have for any hardcore, responsible hunter.

“SpiderWeb means no more worries about forgetting the safety harness in the truck, or the noise of buckles, extra straps, and needless hassle,” said Swan. “Simply slip into a set of SpiderWeb and be treestand ready.”

SOLA Female Predator Apparel

Today’s female hunter has choices in gear that were not available to her years ago. For a long while, women simply wore men’s hunting clothes and hoped for a warm, comfortable fit.

That’s where ScentBlocker—which continues to listen to customers and use their feedback to drive future projects—came in. When ScentBlocker asked for feedback of needs and desires from their customers, a recurring request was the need for women’s gear. Women told ScentBlocker they wanted gear that would fit their bodies and allow them to hunt effectively.

SOLA Knock Out Jacket and Pant

Accepting this feedback as a challenge, ScentBlocker set out to make bowhunting garments strictly for the ladies. ScentBlocker soon introduced SOLA, gear that is comfortable, functional, and just for women. Now catering to one of the fastest-growing niches in the outdoor industry, SOLA hunting gear is extremely popular with the alpha females. Not only is SOLA made for women, it is designed by women. Driven TV’s Nicole Reeve is the official spokesperson for SOLA and has had a huge hand in its development.

No matter the model or purpose, ScentBlocker intended all SOLA gear to be designed to fit a lady’s figure while allowing for comfort and freedom for movement. The company boasts that SOLA has “perfect pockets everywhere,” all placed where women need them most, and tapered pockets to continue to focus on comfort.

Nicole had a lot to say about the experience she gained while working on SOLA. “I had so much fun helping ScentBlocker develop SOLA!” she said. “Finally there is high-performance hunting apparel that we ladies can wear. I really appreciate how comfortable and form fitting the SOLA garments are.”

Effect on the Hunting Public?

What does all of this breakthrough technology mean to today’s hunters? It seems the majority of the hunting public is on a budget of some sort or another. Some of these budget-minded hunters end up replacing low-quality items every year, wasting their limited resources. Robinson believes that while high-quality items and products like ScentBlocker gear may require an investment up front, their longevity and performance are well worth it. By purchasing a quality garment that will work like it is supposed to and will work for a long time, the budget-minded hunter will end up saving money in the long term. The money one saves can be used to invest in other hunting needs.

So, what’s next for Robinson? Only time will tell. The past 35 years have proven that the company is very good at keeping secrets.

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