Crossbows Welcome

Crossbows WelcomeBy Chuck Roberts

Once outcast and scorned, crossbows have found their way into mainstream archery seasons.

Physical dams are designed to hold back water. For decades, a theoretical dam of ignorance and prejudice held back the flow of crossbows into the hands of fit, healthy hunters.
There was a small spillway in states like Ohio and Arkansas, but much of the remainder of the country remained “safe” from the evils of horizontal archery tackle. Continue reading

Tactacam Supports QDMA’s ‘Share Your Hunt’ Program


ATHENS, GA (September 19, 2016) – The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is pleased to welcome Tactacam as a presenting sponsor of QDMA’s new Share Your Hunt™ Program, which is dedicated to mentoring first-time youth and adult hunters, wounded veterans, and the children of deployed soldiers and those killed in combat.  Continue reading

Dixie Deer

Dixie Deer

By Stephanie Mallory

The time has never been better to take a trophy buck in a Southern state.

Times are changing for the Southern deer hunter. As a general rule, hunters don’t take to change well, but these changes are putting a big smile across many Southern hunters’ faces. In short, Southern hunters are bagging bigger bucks than ever before. Continue reading

Win a South African Dream Hunt from TenPoint


Mogadore, OH – Industry leading TenPoint Crossbow Technologies® is proud to partner with Global Sporting Safaris, Inc. this fall to send 3 lucky winners on an unforgettable South Africa Plains Game Hunt hosted by Global Sporting Safaris, Inc.

Global Sporting Safaris, Inc. is a Full-Service Booking Agency established in 1991. GSS employs a staff of 6 Hunting Consultants and Fishing Travel Agents with 140 years of combined experience. Continue reading

American-Made Arrows for the Purely American Sport of Bowhunting

2294751Beman is using their unique manufacturing position and taking their message to the bow hunting community through their 2016 “Made-in-USA” campaign. Beman unveiled their 2016 promotions around a simple idea—a great value product that’s made in USA. “Pure Hunting, Purely American” is the brand tagline starting this year.  Continue reading