Velvet Whitetail Bucks 101

Velvet Whitetail Bucks 101

According to Ladd, the key to success when attempting to tag a velvet whitetail buck is to deploy plenty of trail cameras before the season in order to pattern the buck you want.

By Tracy Breen

For any serious whitetail hunter, a behemoth whitetail is a bucket-list dream. But other bowhunters want more than just a high-scoring buck; they want an impressive white-tailed buck wearing velvet-covered antlers. Whitetails remain in velvet for a short time, and just a handful of states offer archery seasons early enough for the bowhunter to actually have a chance of tagging a buck while still in velvet. Continue reading

HOT TRAILS® New Formula and New Packaging

Hot Trails product image2

Outside of the compound bow, camouflage and treestands, probably the single biggest reason for Bowhunter success has been the intelligent use of scents and lures.  Bill Moore of HOT TRAILS® has taken the scent business into a whole new realm of success with his innovative line of Candle Scents. Continue reading

Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Cam Videos

Videos taken by a Stealth Cam G42NG.

This is a spot I keep an eye on each late summer because there is an ancient feral apple tree growing there. The spot requires a 20-minute ATV ride from home, and a two-mile walk in.

How that apple tree got there is anyone’s guess. It’s on a dry ridge point, and there are no other fruit trees around. I like to think a cowboy or logger once stopped there to have lunch, tossed an apple core in the bushes, and one of its seeds somehow clung to life.

Continue reading

National Deer Alliance Launches New Website

NDA_qdma_newsFAIRFAX, Va. (August 11, 2016)—The National Deer Alliance (NDA) has recently developed the organization’s first comprehensive website to keep deer hunters informed about deer issues across the country, while also providing important updates on NDA’s work.

The new site makes it easier than ever to sign up for a free membership, and is home to the NDA Action Center, which allows deer and hunting advocates to easily contact legislators about matters important to ensuring the future of North America’s most popular big game animal. Additionally, the site will feature a President’s Blog, penned by NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto, and an editorial section that will highlight the latest news in the deer world. Continue reading

September Bowhunter Education Course in Florida

fwc-LOGO_1Florida bowhunters will have an opportunity to attend a National Bowhunter Education Foundation certified bowhunter education course in Citrus or Columbia counties in September.

The course will be conducted using the new online, distance learning format. A bowhunting enthusiast may now access the program on the NBEF website, enter through the Florida portal and complete the online classroom topics before attending a shortened, interactive field day. The Florida course External Website is found at Continue reading