aad2062e-6ffa-4dd9-8328-d8747ceea785Bowhunters love carbon arrows because of their durability and accuracy, but if more hunters knew carbon arrows are made of tiny fibers wrapped together, they might pay more attention to which brand they’re shooting. The EVIDENCE from BloodSport is one of the best hunting arrows ever designed.

The EVIDENCE’s proprietary Rugged Wrap™ Construction process provides a much thicker carbon wall than competing shafts. When combined with BloodSport’s ROC (Reliable Outsert Component) system, the EVIDENCE is one of the toughest arrows ever built. The ultra small diameter means greater penetration and less wind drift. This arrow displays the perfect combination of accuracy, toughness and pass-through impact!


The EVIDENCE is pre-fletched with 2″ vanes for unmatched speed and durability, and they also feature BloodSport’s patent-pending Blood Ring, a special white material on the shaft that gathers blood and organic matter to help a hunter determine the quality of a shot. BloodSport shafts are the first hunting arrows that actually aid in recovering an animal.

The Blood Ring on EVIDENCE shafts is longer than on the company’s other arrows to better evaluate a hit.  It will totally change the way you view your hunting arrows. With a super-tight +/-1 grain weight tolerance and a straightness tolerance of just .001″, the EVIDENCE is the perfect shaft for all your hunting needs.

The ONYX is another great hunting arrow that includes BloodSport’s proprietary Rugged Wrap™ Construction process for a much thicker carbon wall than competing shafts. The ultra small diameter creates greater penetration and has less wind drift. With the ONYX, you have the perfect combination of accuracy, toughness, and F.O.C.

The ONYX is pre-fletched with 2″ vanes for unmatched speed and durability. The patent pending Blood Ring is standard on all ONYX shafts, helping hunters recover more game. With a tight +/-1 grain per arrow weight tolerance and a straightness tolerance of .004″, the ONYX is a shaft for the most demanding hunters. In addition to its lethal performance, the ONYX also has killer looks. This is a true “blackout” arrow – creatively decorated with a flat black sheen and a black nock. The only color on this arrow is a single white vane and the Blood Ring.

For bowhunters looking for a more traditional arrow and are still obsessed with quality, BloodSport’s JUDGEMENT is a standard-diameter shaft designed to be light, fast and tough.  Built with 100% carbon and the company’s proprietary Rugged Wrap™ construction process, JUDGEMENT shafts are an incredible combination of speed, accuracy and toughness. If you want a tough arrow with speed, then this is the arrow for you!

JUDGEMENT arrows are pre-fletched with 2″ vanes for unmatched speed and durability.  BloodSport’s patent-pending Blood Ring is standard and will change the way you view your hunting arrow. With a +/- 1 grain per arrow weight tolerance and a straightness tolerance of .001″, the JUDGEMENT exceeds even the demands of even the most-picky bowhunter. All JUDGEMENT arrows are hand sorted and graded to ensure you get what you pay for. Great care is taken to perfectly match components to each shaft – they look the same, weigh the same and fly the same. You can aim with confidence right out of the box with the JUDGEMENT. Includes a standard 12-grain aluminum insert, but also accepts the 50-grain brass insert for greater F.O.C.

The PUNISHER is designed specifically for hunters who value light-weight and toughness, yet want the downrange efficiencies of true FOC. The PUNISHER is a standard diameter arrow made of 100% carbon and built with BloodSport’s proprietary Rugged Wrap construction process. The PUNISHER is pre-fletched with 2″ vanes for unmatched speed and durability and comes with the company’s patent-pending Blood Ring. With a +/- 1 grain per arrow weight tolerance and a straightness tolerance of .004″, the PUNISHER is truly perfect for all your hunting needs. When combined with BloodSport’s 50-grain brass insert, The PUNISHER delivers quite possibly the best “out of the box” value and experience for the Whitetail hunter. This is the go-to arrow to achieve maximum penetration for the Whitetail hunter using large-cutting mechanical broadheads!

Ideal F.O.C. (front-of-center) is recommended at 10% to 15% for hunting setups and optimal accuracy – especially at long distances and with broadheads. F.O.C. stabilizes your arrow and betters stores energy in the shaft, allowing for more accurate shot placement at greater distances as well as the delivery maximum penetration – less “flex” means more energy down the center of the shaft.



Technology Features:

Blood Ring Features:

BloodSport’s Blood Ring is a blank canvas that actually takes a ‘blood sample’ when it passes through an animal. The Blood Ring takes the guesswork out of the equation, helping novice and expert hunters make the right decision about when and how to begin tracking.

The super bright-white, textured spray-on material is designed to capture blood as it passes through the animal without affecting arrow flight. You can literally see what type of hit you made from your stand, allowing you to make better decisions on when to begin tracking. The Blood Ring™ shows plainly what kind of hit was made using the age old logic of blood types. Different organs present different blood textures and colors. Bright red, red with air bubbles, dark red or green/brown blood collects on the arrow and lets the hunter know what move to make next.


The ROC was an idea conceived during extensive broadhead testing. While micro-diameter arrows consistently perform at the top the list, they also tend to fail upon impact due to poorly engineered outserts. Other outserts drive stress to the tip, causing deformations, while Deep-Six style heads/arrows put stress at the shank/threads and promote failure at the arrow wall. BloodSport engineers developed the reliable ROC system to showcase their best-in-class performance for the most efficient arrow flight in micro-diameter shafts, and also protect the arrow.

  • 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum 20 gr. insert post
  • 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum 40 gr. Outsert
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Proven to maximize micro-diameter arrow efficiency
  • Provides superior arrow strength on impact

For more info, please visit www.bloodsportarchery.com.

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