Broadhead Practice Boosts Confidence

DSCN6604I spent 10 years working for an archery pro shop that was owned by my family for 8 of those years. During that time, an alarming number of our customers admittedly lost game or made a less-than-ideal hit. The first question we asked was whether or not they practiced with their broadheads before heading afield. A resounding “no” was often the answer. And I suspect a good number of those who replied with a “yes” were being untruthful. Continue reading

Robinson Outdoor Products: Over 35 Years of Perfecting Innovation

By Jason Herbert

scentblocker new logoNever completely satisfied, Robinson Outdoor Products, parent company to ScentBlocker, Scent Shield, Tree Spider, and Whitewater Strategic Hunting Apparel continues to focus on customer-driven innovation and creativity.Guided by its corporate mission statement, Robinson has one simple goal: to help improve the hunter’s experience.

The original company, Robinson Laboratories, was founded in 1978 by Bill Robinson. Bill developed pet-deodorizing products at his home, saw a need, and soon became involved in the hunting industry. In 1985, with his invention of Scent Shield spray, Bill created an entirely new product category in the industry: scent elimination. Mr. Robinson was a revolutionary, building a company with a legacy of unconventional thinking; a company that prides itself on asking “Why not?” in addition to “Why?” Continue reading

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