Evolved Harvest: Growing Alpha Bucks


EvolvedEvolved Harvest’s New Alphaplot Provides A Premium Perennial And Annual Forage Blend For Year ’round, Drought-resistant Nutrition And Performance Over Several Seasons

Baton Rouge, LA ( – Food plots are a confusing subject for almost every hunter lacking an advanced degree in horticulture. Variables in geography, climate and soil composition make it challenging for the average hunter or landowner to crack the code on what grows best, when and why. And then there’s that more fundamental question: Will my deer even eat it? Continue reading

Rinehart Targets Expands Team To Keep Up With Demand

Press Release from Janesville, WI


Rinehart Targets®, designer and manufacturer of the most lifelike, durable and realistic archery targets and hunting decoys in the industry, today announces significant expansion with the addition of two key team members. Continue reading

Eva Shockey Endorses Rack Stacker

Eva Shockey Rack Stacker

Eva Shockey endorses Rack StackerFrom the land of the giant Canadian Whitetails, Rack Stacker is Canada’s leading Big Game Attractant Company endorsed by the one and only Eva Shockey. Rack Stacker’s FiXation has the highest level of protein on the market at 32% and shows its drawing power by the amount of deer that are piling up across the country.

The Rack Stacker Guy (Steve Elmy) has formulated a full line of products for year round management and it’s now available to dealers across North America. Order yours today from Kinsey’s Archery or Maurice Sporting Goods.


Barnett’s Ghost 415 Revenant Crossbow


ce9da5ab-fe7e-4a52-ab27-eab05c771cadThe new Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant is a flagship crossbow from a company that’s been building and improving on crossbows with the needs of serious hunters in mind for 50 years. It’s a top-quality bow with custom composite laminated limbs capable of shooting a bolt 415 feet per second and delivering 153 foot-pounds of kinetic energy downrange. Continue reading

Pope & Young Grant to Aid Bighorn Herd

Press Release from Chatfield, MN:


The Pope and Young Club’s Conservation, Education and Outreach Fund awarded a grant to the National Wildlife Federation’s Howe Peak and Deadman Domestic Sheep Allotment Retirements. The purpose is to help remove domestic sheep from Forest Service and BLM allotments in close proximity to bighorn sheep. The Pope and Young funding grant will help decrease the susceptibility of wild sheep from contracting disease from domestic animals.

Since the 1950s, bighorn sheep populations have been in significant decline. One of the leading causes of this decline and lost hunting opportunity is due to the disease issues associated with bighorn sheep and domestic sheep occupying similar habitat. By eliminating disease issues, we are ensuring healthy bighorn sheep populations and quality hunting opportunities for future generations.

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