A No-Apologies Speed Bow: The Mathews Monster Wake

The all-new Mathews Monster Wake

The all-new Mathews Monster Wake

Just when everyone thought Mathews had launched its full 2015 bow line, another red-hot bow arrived on the scene. The new Monster Wake offers blistering speeds in a shootable design that you have to shoot to believe. Check it out at http://mathewsinc.com/product/monster-wake/ or visit your local Mathews dealer! 

Field-Testing the Pro-X Climbing System from Big Game Treestands

The Pro-X Climbing System solidly fastens to just about any tree in a matter of seconds.

The Pro-X Climbing System solidly fastens to just about any tree in a matter of seconds.

I apologize that it’s been a few weeks since I last posted in my blog. The trade-show season is upon us, and I was also recently promoted to editor of Inside Archery magazine. Now at the editorial helm of two magazines, there’s been a lot on my plate. But I wanted to take the time to share some information on a great bowhunting product.

I recently tested the Pro-X Climbing System offered by Big Game Treestands during a public-land whitetail deer hunt. While hunting public land, I often hike a mile or more into isolated areas that see little to no pressure. That means I need equipment that can handle being bumped, dropped, and slammed as I access prime whitetail country. The Pro-X Climbing System offers durability in a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down. In fact, each section weighs just 3 pounds. Besides that, they are extremely quiet to tote through the woods. Continue reading

Winter Wildlife Management

By Austin Delano

Winter Wildlife ManagementThe winter can be a great time to take a look back on how your season has gone and make a checklist of things you would like to improve upon in the coming year. Call it a New Year’s resolution for wildlife-management purposes.

To ensure you can grow the best food possible for all the critters you are trying to manage, late winter can be a great time to soil test. Getting the areas that you plan to plant in food plots or mast-producing trees tested and properly amended with the recommended lime and fertilizer will be the best money you can spend. I encourage land managers to get their lime spread in the late winter for a couple of reasons. Ag lime can take months to begin to break down and neutralize the acidity of your soil, the finer the mesh that the lime is screened through at the quarry, the sooner it will break down. If you usually use the local co-op to spread your lime or rent equipment from them to do it yourself, late winter is a good time to get it done before the row crop farmers begin their planting season. Getting your plots amended with the proper amount of lime will increase the effectiveness of your fertilizer, which will positively impact the growth and palatability of your spring and fall food plots. Continue reading

Bowhunting Whitetails from the Ground

Todd Amenrud with his enormous Ontario whitetail taken from a ground blind.

Todd Amenrud with his enormous Ontario whitetail taken from a ground blind.                -Todd Amenrud photo

By Todd Amenrud

It was prime time for rattling so I proceeded to impersonate my best rendition of “two bucks fighting over a hot doe.” Glancing left, I noticed a wary doe and her fawn that I hadn’t seen. All I had done was alerted them to my position. Since she was only 20 yards away, I immediately stopped and became a “statue” of some goofy dude with a bow. She started doing that high-step walk in my direction (which I think in the whitetails’ world means: “I know something is out of place, but I’m going to play along anyhow”) to gain the advantage of the wind. She came within inches (literally) of the blind and stood behind it. I could hear her breathing, but wanted to see. Continue reading