Bowhunting Whitetails from the Ground

Todd Amenrud with his enormous Ontario whitetail taken from a ground blind.

Todd Amenrud with his enormous Ontario whitetail taken from a ground blind.                -Todd Amenrud photo

By Todd Amenrud

It was prime time for rattling so I proceeded to impersonate my best rendition of “two bucks fighting over a hot doe.” Glancing left, I noticed a wary doe and her fawn that I hadn’t seen. All I had done was alerted them to my position. Since she was only 20 yards away, I immediately stopped and became a “statue” of some goofy dude with a bow. She started doing that high-step walk in my direction (which I think in the whitetails’ world means: “I know something is out of place, but I’m going to play along anyhow”) to gain the advantage of the wind. She came within inches (literally) of the blind and stood behind it. I could hear her breathing, but wanted to see. Continue reading

Action-Packed Whitetail Hunting at Eye Level

The Reckoning Round 1

The Reckoning Round 1



Ground-stalking whitetails is a riot. But it’s not something just anyone can do with regular success. Go along with Jared Scheffler and the Whitetail Adrenaline team as they use a mixture of methods to consistently sneak within bow range of big whitetail bucks in The Reckoning Round 1, available on DVD. Many hunting films don’t show you the good, the bad, and the ugly, but the Whitetail Adrenaline team shows you whitetail hunting as real as they could film it.

In The Reckoning Round 1, you’ll experience 3 1/2 hours of heart-pounding footage. You’ll be at the edge of your seat as bucks are taken at eye level, and you’ll experience the ups and downs, the headaches and heartbreaks of going one on one with big bucks. To order this action-packed DVD or other adventure-filled Whitetail Adrenaline DVDs, visit