High Point Archery Products Launches Smart Phone Tree Stand Camera Holder

High Point

untitled-6465-3High Point products recently launched another great product.  The stand-mountable smart phone holder allows anyone hands-free recording of their hunts.  No need to pack a camera or wish you had one with you. The camera holder quickly mounts to nearly any standard tree stand without the use of tools, and any size smart phone quickly clips into the device.  Perhaps the best feature of this device is that it is priced at only $15 USD. Continue reading

A Brief History of Bowhunting

Ancient cave paintings depict early bowhunters.

Ancient cave paintings depict early bowhunters.


By Daniel Allred

Archery is seeing a revitalization in pop culture, but considering humanity’s entire timeline, it’s easy to see that it never really went out of style. Let’s take brief look back to see how bowhunting evolved from humble beginnings to its current place in modern America.  Continue reading

Realtree Introduces Online Antler-Scoring Tool


Photo Credit: realtree.com

COLUMBUS, Ga., Nov. 11, 2015 : With Realtree’s new online Antler-Scoring Tool, you can score your rack quickly and easily and then share the results with a cool graphic image through social media. Continue reading

Quality Archery Designs introduces ULTRAREST HDX LOST XD

430915_507463352619444_1008867777_nUltrarestHDX_LostXDQuality Archery Designs introduces ULTRAREST HDX LOST XD

Madison Heights, VA : Nov 1, 2015 – QAD™ The leading manufacturer of arrow rest technology, is excited to announce their new ULTRA-REST HDX Lost XD™. Continue reading