Bowhunting Legend Jim Dougherty Passed Away 1936 – 2015

Jim Dougherty

Jim Dougherty and Inside Archery founder Bill Krenz were longtime friends.

Legendary bowhunter and longtime outdoor writer Jim Dougherty passed away Sept. 21 at age 78 after a grueling battle with cancer.

Dougherty—a longtime friend of Inside Archery founders Bill and Sherry Krenz—is enshrined in the Archery Hall of Fame and Bowhunters Hall of Fame, and wrote until his final days. He was an honorary lifetime senior member of the Pope & Young Club, and also served as an officer and/or director for several archery and bowhunting groups.  Continue reading

Ol’Man Outdoors: The Drone

Press Release from Ol’Man Outdoors:

Ol'Man Outdoors

The Drone

One turn of the wrist allows the hunter to extend or retract up to 5 inches of cable.

This new climber retains many of the classic Ol’Man features, but the Drone takes it to new levels by incorporating new oval tubing and an improved cable system to make set up even easier and quicker. Fluorescent cable heads allow simple assembly of the Drone in the dark, while the oval tubing eliminates the need for twisting a cable to align with the hole. Continue reading

Hunting With Kids: Made Comfortable and Effective with Advantage Blinds

Press release from Advantage Blinds:

b0f395b1-ab73-4e7c-a6ad-1edb85a39403There may be challenges to hunting with a child. However, the rewards far outweigh any extra care and effort it takes to make sure a young hunter has a safe, comfortable hunt.

e0b47092-4c99-46c5-bc8e-0f5ec2e7ba6dIt sure helps when you are hunting from an Advantage Hunting Blind. There are many reasons why an Advantage Hunting Blind is perfect for a youth, not the least of which is you are more likely to see game up close. Continue reading