Can You Handle the Total Archery Challenge?

tac-mtn-ops-archeryMore than 1,000 archers made their way to the Snowbird Ski Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah, to test their skills against the Total Archery Challenge course and the rugged Utah terrain.  Continue reading

Reliable Rests

Rests15 Arrow Rests Designed to Produce Superior Performance.

Archery manufacturers regularly introduce new accessories to the marketplace. The technology driving updates and new models is invigorating, yet can prove confusing.

To take some of the confusion out of purchasing a quality arrow rest for your favorite bow we’ve compiled a list of the industry’s finest new models. Continue reading

10 Equipment Changes for Better Accuracy

By Steve Flores

If you’re on a mission to become a better bowhunting shot, here are 10 subtle modifications to equipment and shooting style that can make you more deadly in the field.

The String-Loop


String-loops are generally more forgiving to minor shooting-form and release imperfections because they’re flexible. They also prevent nock pinch at full draw, especially on the shortest compound models, increasing accuracy. Continue reading