Rinehart R100 Scheduled To Visit Colorado

Rinehart100logoRinehart R100 Scheduled To Visit Colorado And Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Janesville, WI – Rinehart Targets and the Rinehart R100 are pleased to announce the addition of the Crested Butte, Colorado shoot to the 2016 schedule. This event will take place on August 13 and 14 at the beautiful Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Continue reading

Hottest New Arrow Rests


By Bowhunt America Staff

Bullets fly about 10 times faster than arrows. That means the slightest bump or twist during an arrow’s release has a much greater effect on accuracy than that same motion during a gunshot. Arrow rests are vital to a bow’s accuracy for this very reason. They guide the arrow to its target, and an unreliable rest can easily send an arrow off-course. Accordingly, modern rests are fine-tuned to deliver consistent shot-to-shot accuracy, fitted as they are with micro-adjustable settings to precisely suit each archer. Let’s look at some of the hottest, most dependable rests on the market today. Continue reading

Shooter 3D Target Kicks Off #BackyardWarrior Photo Contest


Superior, Wis. (July 18, 2016) — It’s the time of year when bowhunters everywhere start shooting their bows in anticipation of the upcoming archery season. To make that practice a little more exciting, Shooter 3D Targets announces the launch of the #BackyardWarrior social media photo contest. The photo contest challenges archers nationwide to show how they prepare for hunting season while using a Tru-Fire release, an IQ Bowsight or Nockturnal lighted nocks. The winners will receive an entire backyard of three-dimensional targets from Shooter 3D Targets. Continue reading

Bowhunting With Hounds: What You Need To Know!


Bowhunting With Hounds: What You Need To Know!

The author (left) has been on many hound hunts over the years, including this one more than a decade ago in the jungle-like habitat of Hawaii. When it comes to bowhunting around hounds, there are certain safety factors hunters will want to be aware of.

By Scott Haugen

It was late October, temperatures were cold and it had been pouring rain all day. Fortunately, my buddy, Kenny, had a motivated pack of hounds. The hounds trailed the bear we’d seen while driving on a remote logging road early in the morning, but the bear wouldn’t stop. Continue reading

Four Steps To A Great Out-of-State Bowhunt


It’s important to harbor realistic expectations while on DIY road hunts. Arriving in far-away habitats with no advanced scouting or experience leaves you at a decided disadvantage.

By Tony Hansen 

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence—a universal cliché that may or may not prove true. When it comes to bowhunting whitetails, that greener grass is often perceived to lie across state lines. And, quite often, it certainly is.

Each fall thousands of bowhunters head to “foreign” locales like Kansas, Iowa and Illinois. I count myself firmly among those bowhunters, as I generally hunt three to four different states each fall. I make my living in outdoors media, which means I travel cheap both by necessity and on principle. Bowhunting trophy whitetails need not be only for the wealthy. Here’s how you can hunt distant whitetails on the cheap. Continue reading